Getting the right script is as important as feeding the right coordinates into your proton blasters.  Space Ace has created concepts and written scripts for live events, commercials, infomercials, spoofs, documentaries, TV shows, and even movies.  Even if you’re not ready to launch your project, let us know if we can help in the development.  A great script will tell your story… and maximize your budget like nothing else.


Space Ace approaches production like it approaches planetary conquest.  We don’t throw the whole armada at a project—and charge you for it.  We assemble elite teams and handpicked gear to deliver stellar production values at your budget.


The heart of any starship is the central computer—the editing room.  This is where it all comes together.  But you need more than just a technician at the controls.  Your story deserves an Ace with epic storytelling skills, who knows how to maximize your message whether you’re going to DVD, TV, the internet, or the big screen.  Video updates delivered to you via FTP allow you to painlessly give feedback and watch your project’s heroic journey to perfection.


While some projects are best without any fancy effects, these days “eye candy” is a regular feature of most productions.  And in fact, many projects are created entirely “in the box,” completely eliminating the need to film from your budget.  Whether you want to educate, dazzle, or just give that special something to your project, the sky is not the limit with Space Ace.  Compositing, design, motion tracking, animation, 3D, and everything else in the bag of tricks are faster and more cost effective than ever before.


Thanks to futuristic new techniques and technologies, your projects can enjoy bang-for-buck power impossible just a few years ago.  Space Ace is always on the cutting edge, no matter how fast the cutting edge is moving.  Warp drive means focus, agility, and quality, with an award-winning cosmically skilled Ace overseeing every step of the of the process.